The Art of the Struggle

First, let me start out by apologizing to our readers. We have not been posting as consistently as we would like to. Honestly, we have both been busy fixing resumes, writing cover letters, applying for jobs and going to interviews, working with financial aid so we can go to school and picking out classes while simultaneously trying to work on our individual growth and find time to eat (a newly acquired vegan diet) and sleep a solid 8 hours a night. Basically, we have been letting life (by definition of our social constructs) get in the way of our passion for writing and our love for sharing with our readers.
So anyway, back to the real topic of this post…. I recently got a message from the universe telling me to strive for opportunities that seem out of reach. After all, the bigger the risk.. the bigger the reward. Right?
So, after sending in application after application and hearing back from MAYBE 1/3 of the companies (those I was hearing back from were the trivial jobs I wasn’t too excited about). I was starting to lose hope that maybe I was aiming a little too high. I reached for opportunities, asked those with connections to give me any helpful information they had (and I am so grateful for those who did) and still made seemingly zero progress.
I started to really get down on myself. I am a 22 year-old who has lived in 5 different cities, attended 3 different Universities, declared 4 different majors, still lives at home, didn’t have a job (I landed a pretty good job at a salon I am super excited about… YAY), haven’t been taking care of my body, and hasn’t done half of the things I said I would since leaving high school four years ago. I felt like I was on a road to nowhere and that I was doing nothing about it. Day after day I was seeing snaps, Instagram posts, and Facebook updates that reminded me that everyone else has their life together and I am just a bum living the life of un-abundance and stagnation. I even harbored guilt about not posting on the blog; feeling like I had nothing to write about and no inspiration that was driven 100% by me and no other outside influence. Essentially, I felt like a complete loser. But after sitting and really thinking about (a.k.a. Meditating On) my life, the path I have chosen, where I am heading, and how far I have really come in my own personal journey (not necessarily by the standards of society), I realized I was being way too hard on myself. Sure, I was feeling really stagnant and that I was literally making a living on the struggle bus, but that is bound to happen. Tyler even reassured me that for someone my age, these feelings of being overwhelmed, undervalued, and unproductive are normal.
Above all else I realized that my struggle was a gift; that although I spent years (and lots of money) trying to figure out my purpose, I was on an incredible path to awakening, peace, joy, and harmony with the rest of the world (both physical and spiritual). I realized that no.. I do not have a fancy degree like most people my age, but I am striving for a degree that I am passionate about and I fully intend on utilizing every bit of information I am paying thousands of dollars for. I realized that yes, I am living at home but I don’t have to stress about rent and I can really take some time to develop within myself rather than break my back trying to pay outrageous amounts of money just to sleep, eat, and breathe under a roof. I realized that all of my indecision about where I want to live, what I want to be doing, and where I want to go to school have put me in environments and situations that I never would have found myself in. And yes, I literally found more pieces of myself in each city and university. I realized that I didn’t have a job because the best one (for the moment) was waiting for me. I realized that I can start taking care of my body TODAY rather than sitting and beating myself up for not doing it yesterday. I realized that no, I haven’t achieved all of my goals (yet) but that is because I dream big and my achievements are not all things I can acquire or master by tomorrow. I realized that I do not need to feel guilty for not writing because I would rather give you guys something genuine and inspirational to read rather than to post something just to say I “did my job for the day”. I realized (again) that social media is a platform most people use to share the best aspects of their life, which is amazing because people share so many positive and inspirational things, but everyone is struggling in their own way. And the fact that everyone is struggling is beautiful because (hopefully) that means they are learning from their place of stagnation and developing into more productive and self-loving individuals. I realized that inspiration is everywhere if I just stop to really observe and experience everything that is going on in the present. And I realized that I am a part of the most beautiful, interconnected system in the cosmos; that I am always a work in progress, that I am a conscious and loving soul capable of so many great things and that I deserve to be here, in this life because the work i am here to do is going to help the world find unconditional love.
butterfly transformation
If you find yourself struggling, I highly encourage you to take some time to think (meditate, drink some tea, take a bath, write in a journal) and list what aspects of your life you would change and why. Then list all of the positive aspects of those struggles. I encourage you to repeat those affirmations to yourself: I am beautiful, I have a purpose here, I deserve to love and be loved unconditionally, I am part of a greater whole, and the universe does not put us through situations we can not endure. As long as we are learning and growing, I believe no one is truly stagnant. We are all human, we struggle to get back up and keep going sometimes, we get discouraged, we let fear take over, and we forget to love ourselves. But all we can do is make a conscious effort to train our minds to think differently about ourselves and our situations and I promise you will feel empowered and unstoppable.
Above all else, I want this to be a reminder to everyone out there who is feeling down:
You are not alone, the universe is always conspiring with/for you
There is ALWAYS a lesson to be learned and you are ALWAYS growing
Even in the darkest of times, the light will persevere in the end (if you want it to)
And you are an amazing, all powerful being whose connection to the planet and the cosmos makes you deserving of all that you wish for in this life
So go out and embrace every moment of your life, pleasant or otherwise, because that is the only way to live in peace and joy for the rest of time.
Thank you for reading. I love you all 😃
Peace to all in both struggle and prosperity (after all, they are both one in the same)

“Love Many Things” – Vincent Van Gogh

Sounds easy enough, right? And it should be. But it seems to me that we are living in a world where love is an increasingly abstract emotion and it could all be so simple.

Love is portrayed as a weakness and unconditional love seems to exist only in the fairy tales we were told as kids, when falling in love was literally a walk in the park. When I was little, I would find a new best friend to love every time I left the house, with no reservations, no concept of trust issues, no doubts or fears tainting my heart. As we grow up we think it is normal to abandon this ability to love all people and things unconditionally. In my opinion, we should only learn to love truer and deeper as we go through the trials and tribulations of life.

To love many things, and I mean to TRULY love them, unconditionally, means you must first find that love for and within yourself. You must take the time to explore every aspect of yourself. You need to discover what makes your heart sing, what creative outlet inspires you to be unapologetically you, and even those dark parts of you that you are not yet proud to claim. You must own every part of you because you were created in the light of a creator who loves you exactly as you are, and to love yourself any less is an injustice to humanity as a whole. Once you fall madly in love with yourself, you will be radiant. Opportunity will be all around you and you will discover an insight to your future that you thought was only for witches in movies with a magic crystal ball. You will find that living in a way that serves society over yourself is no longer an option.

Today we are told to finish high school, go to college, get an internship, then go get a “real job”. We are not given the approval of society to discover what we LOVE to do and to pursue that. We are told it is okay to put our passions on a back burner so that we can buy the house we can’t afford, to buy the third car we don’t need, and to work a job we don’t like just to pay for it all. This cycle of repressing who we truly want to be, repressing our purpose, and repressing our soul’s calling. Ultimately, that is what makes us anxious, depressed, judgmental, and even hateful. Because within ourselves we know that the life we are living is not fulfilling our destiny but we feel the approval of society is greater than the approval we give ourselves.

So, give yourself permission: permission to love every part of your personality, permission to abandon the dream of the world and go achieve YOUR dream, permission to hear the criticism and judgement of others without letting it deter you from your goals, and permission to love everyone (those who have wronged you, those who have wronged others, those who are strangers to you, those who seem like they get plenty of love) and everything (yes, love the trees that give you air, love the bed that gives you comfort, love the food on your plate, shit even love the plate beneath your food but be mindful not to fall in love with the material world… balance is the key here). Because once you tell yourself living for YOU is okay, love will radiate from every part of your life. Love will consume your heart and you will have no room for animosity or jealousy or hate. Love will bring you to a job and a career that you are truly passionate about. Love will bring you to success, a type of success that may not buy you a mansion or a third vacation home but it will bring you an incredible feeling of fulfillment that only comes from connecting yourself to your creator through practicing the same unconditional love he/she/it gives you each and every day.

Love yourself unconditionally and you will not just love many things, but you will love everything. You will find the light in every situation and all the love you give will come back to you a hundred times over. It may take a while to reach this stage of the “ultimate lover” and personally I find that giving myself the chance to meditate and truly be with myself and my thoughts each day brings me more love each time. I get frustrated for sure, but in the end I know that continuing the practice, continuing to live my life in a way I want to live it (no matter how it looks to everyone else) will bring me to the highest vibration and I will radiate joy in everything I do. And for me, that is all I can ask from this life. To ooze love and happiness everywhere I go, spreading unconditional love to all I come in contact with.

Peace, prosperity, and LOVE to everyone. Thanks for spending time in this space with me today.

– Tasha 


Happy Friyay friends!

First we want to send gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to find their way to our site. Your support is greatly appreciated. This first post is going to be a quick introduction; A snippet of what Meditate On It will be about.

In March, Tyler and I met each other, and as soon as we realized that we were Twin Flames we were consumed in our union. It was absolutely euphoric meeting the one ball of energy that I had been searching for for lifetimes. She was everything I could have dreamed of in a life partner and since the day we met we have literally spent every single day together. However, about two months ago, we were starting to get really frustrated with ourselves spiritually, physically, and mentally. We had similar spiritual views (that we don’t quite know what it is but there is something beyond this physical realm that is always with us, always a part of us) and we both had dreams of helping people live happier, healthier lives (mental, physical, and spiritual health). We both agreed that we couldn’t be more grateful and humbled that the universe conspired for us to finally meet, but we also felt that our days of slacking off, sitting in a room talking or just staring at each other (seriously, that is basically all we did.. it’s kind of disgusting haha) needed to come to an end. We were brought together to help Mother Earth with her spiritual awakening and the evolution of the collective consciousness. BUT! we had done nothing about it.

In hindsight that time was necessary and incredibly valuable to us. We needed that time to revel in how amazing it was that we were brought together and also to recognize how beautiful Mother Earth is. We knew it was time to get it together. We were tired of feeling stagnant, unproductive, and simply disconnected from Spirit (also known as God, gods, angels, spirit guides, the unknown divine that connects us all – call it what you want, it’s all the same concept).

And with that recognition, we started doing research. A lot of it! We watched Youtube videos, started meditating again, we looked more closely at the power of crystals, and eventually we realized that we can help progress the Divine Awakening that is happening… Listen, we do not claim to be masters, YET, as we are currently working on our own spiritual development. However, we do feel like starting a blog to document our individual awakenings would be a good way to start connecting to our spiritual brothers and sisters (yes that is you). We hope that sharing OUR experiences will help YOUR spiritual evolution and help you navigate through your journey, reminding you, that you are never alone (we are with you always and Spirit is always guiding you). We encourage you to share your triumphs, frustrations, and aspirations with us in the comment section or feel free to email or message us directly! 🙂

Above all else, we want to lead by example. We want to show everyone that even in the midst of the current chaotic nature of the world, it is possible to find inner peace, live according to YOUR passion and purpose, and that unconditional love is the most powerful tool in our arsenal – we must use it with no restraint or discrimination.

As a final note, I encourage you to know that we understand that you may not always agree or like what we write about. We know that different people have different opinions, perspectives, and experiences. We acknowledge and respect that. This blog is a guide. It is not scripture. It is not fact. It is our own light. Our own mind being documented. The expectation is that you will read our blog on a day when it is necessary. That Spirit will guide you to us in some way if it is necessary for your growth, follow that urge. And know that you always have someone on your side!

We love you, and we hope you continue sharing this journey with us!