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I'm 22, engaged to my twin flame (Tyler), obsessed with our fur baby (Penny), and I am doing all that I can to manifest a peaceful, prosperous, and loving life. I enjoy hiking until I find a nice spot to meditate, writing, gettin' crafty with DIY projects, and researching about alternative health. I am a child of the universe and one day I know Tyler and I will travel the world, meet all our spiritual brothers and sisters, and spread unconditional love to people from all walks of life. I hope our blog brings you a little bit closer to finding your passion and connecting to the amazing power that lies in all of us.

The Art of the Struggle

First, let me start out by apologizing to our readers. We have not been posting as consistently as we would like to. Honestly, we have both been busy fixing resumes, writing cover letters, applying for jobs and going to interviews, working with financial aid so we can go to school […]


Happy Friyay friends! First we want to send gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to find their way to our site. Your support is greatly appreciated. This first post is going to be a quick introduction; A snippet of what Meditate On It will be about. In March, […]