The Invitation

In our previous post, Tasha reminded us about the importance of unconditional SELF love. This morning, if you don’t mind, I would like to further that conversation. I would like to take this time to extend an invitation to you. This is an invitation that requires you to be honest, responsible, and “nude”. Ultimately, it is a challenge. Because as we all know, it is easy to say/know something is true. What’s hard, is applying and practicing it.

First off, let’s set some guidelines for this invitation:
1) Honesty to yourself is required
2) You must be able to be fully responsible for your actions (past and present)
3) You must be willing to be open and without judgment
4) You must be receptive and accepting to all of the good, the bad, the ugly, and sad that has gone on in your life
5) All of your wishes, your fears, your regrets and your proudest moments must be included
6) You may not excluded ANYTHING

Still with me? Good… you are now ready to receive the invitation. At this point, you must get out something to write with and some paper. You may open a note on your phone or find an old receipt if necessary, whatever… Just know, it is essential for you to write all of this down. 

Now, suppose you’ve let opportunities slip by you (write them down). Suppose you have allowed your fears and doubts to limit your potential (write them down). Maybe someone (i.e. your parents, your lover, an enemy, a friend) has hacked into your brain so strategically that they have confined you into mental slavery (take note of the people that may have some influence over you). Now, explore these ideas… Are you pleased by any of this? Does it hurt you in any way? Next, ask yourself (and write)… How many events are you still wishing would occur? How many incidents are you still dwelling on? Listen to yourself for a moment, cancel out all other distracting voices. Ask yourself, “If it were up to me and there were no limitations, nobody telling me what to do, what would I be doing? Where would I be?” Ask yourself (and again, write it down), “What abilities of mine am I ignoring? What subjects or interest of mine am I constantly referring back to?” List all of these things on paper… Let it out and own it! Because chances are this is who you are. And the reason you are not fulfilled in your life presently, is because you’ve been ignoring who you are.

What are you going to do about ignoring who you truly are?

If you have come to some kind of realization, know that this revelation is free; it is also your right. You are allowed to walk around with this beautiful dream, hoping it will miraculously manifest itself, but; true power (and this invitation) is in realizing what you want and then executing. Relinquish all of your thoughts on failure, ignore all of the negative reactions you may receive, and run with a sense of urgency toward the dream you innately deserve. To have the life you really want, you must take action. No matter what the outcome may be. You must fall in love with the process and aim for YOUR vision. It may get hard, but, that is what separates the extraordinary minds from the standard ones. The dreamers from the doers. Persistence.

Please, do not suffer from the thousands of excuses as to why you should convert to conventional standards. Your brilliant mind is not made to operate in that way. Instead, fixate on the inevitable; our minds thrive on the opportunity to learn and ultimately grow. It is a natural urge. I challenge you to discover your one true purpose in a world full of infinite possibilities. I challenge you to be the most extraordinary you.

And if you need help discovering who you are, stay tuned. We’ll help you.

Also, Meditate On It 😉


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