“Love Many Things” – Vincent Van Gogh

Sounds easy enough, right? And it should be. But it seems to me that we are living in a world where love is an increasingly abstract emotion and it could all be so simple.

Love is portrayed as a weakness and unconditional love seems to exist only in the fairy tales we were told as kids, when falling in love was literally a walk in the park. When I was little, I would find a new best friend to love every time I left the house, with no reservations, no concept of trust issues, no doubts or fears tainting my heart. As we grow up we think it is normal to abandon this ability to love all people and things unconditionally. In my opinion, we should only learn to love truer and deeper as we go through the trials and tribulations of life.

To love many things, and I mean to TRULY love them, unconditionally, means you must first find that love for and within yourself. You must take the time to explore every aspect of yourself. You need to discover what makes your heart sing, what creative outlet inspires you to be unapologetically you, and even those dark parts of you that you are not yet proud to claim. You must own every part of you because you were created in the light of a creator who loves you exactly as you are, and to love yourself any less is an injustice to humanity as a whole. Once you fall madly in love with yourself, you will be radiant. Opportunity will be all around you and you will discover an insight to your future that you thought was only for witches in movies with a magic crystal ball. You will find that living in a way that serves society over yourself is no longer an option.

Today we are told to finish high school, go to college, get an internship, then go get a “real job”. We are not given the approval of society to discover what we LOVE to do and to pursue that. We are told it is okay to put our passions on a back burner so that we can buy the house we can’t afford, to buy the third car we don’t need, and to work a job we don’t like just to pay for it all. This cycle of repressing who we truly want to be, repressing our purpose, and repressing our soul’s calling. Ultimately, that is what makes us anxious, depressed, judgmental, and even hateful. Because within ourselves we know that the life we are living is not fulfilling our destiny but we feel the approval of society is greater than the approval we give ourselves.

So, give yourself permission: permission to love every part of your personality, permission to abandon the dream of the world and go achieve YOUR dream, permission to hear the criticism and judgement of others without letting it deter you from your goals, and permission to love everyone (those who have wronged you, those who have wronged others, those who are strangers to you, those who seem like they get plenty of love) and everything (yes, love the trees that give you air, love the bed that gives you comfort, love the food on your plate, shit even love the plate beneath your food but be mindful not to fall in love with the material world… balance is the key here). Because once you tell yourself living for YOU is okay, love will radiate from every part of your life. Love will consume your heart and you will have no room for animosity or jealousy or hate. Love will bring you to a job and a career that you are truly passionate about. Love will bring you to success, a type of success that may not buy you a mansion or a third vacation home but it will bring you an incredible feeling of fulfillment that only comes from connecting yourself to your creator through practicing the same unconditional love he/she/it gives you each and every day.

Love yourself unconditionally and you will not just love many things, but you will love everything. You will find the light in every situation and all the love you give will come back to you a hundred times over. It may take a while to reach this stage of the “ultimate lover” and personally I find that giving myself the chance to meditate and truly be with myself and my thoughts each day brings me more love each time. I get frustrated for sure, but in the end I know that continuing the practice, continuing to live my life in a way I want to live it (no matter how it looks to everyone else) will bring me to the highest vibration and I will radiate joy in everything I do. And for me, that is all I can ask from this life. To ooze love and happiness everywhere I go, spreading unconditional love to all I come in contact with.

Peace, prosperity, and LOVE to everyone. Thanks for spending time in this space with me today.

– Tasha 

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I'm 22, engaged to my twin flame (Tyler), obsessed with our fur baby (Penny), and I am doing all that I can to manifest a peaceful, prosperous, and loving life. I enjoy hiking until I find a nice spot to meditate, writing, gettin' crafty with DIY projects, and researching about alternative health. I am a child of the universe and one day I know Tyler and I will travel the world, meet all our spiritual brothers and sisters, and spread unconditional love to people from all walks of life. I hope our blog brings you a little bit closer to finding your passion and connecting to the amazing power that lies in all of us.

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