Happy Friyay friends!

First we want to send gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to find their way to our site. Your support is greatly appreciated. This first post is going to be a quick introduction; A snippet of what Meditate On It will be about.

In March, Tyler and I met each other, and as soon as we realized that we were Twin Flames we were consumed in our union. It was absolutely euphoric meeting the one ball of energy that I had been searching for for lifetimes. She was everything I could have dreamed of in a life partner and since the day we met we have literally spent every single day together. However, about two months ago, we were starting to get really frustrated with ourselves spiritually, physically, and mentally. We had similar spiritual views (that we don’t quite know what it is but there is something beyond this physical realm that is always with us, always a part of us) and we both had dreams of helping people live happier, healthier lives (mental, physical, and spiritual health). We both agreed that we couldn’t be more grateful and humbled that the universe conspired for us to finally meet, but we also felt that our days of slacking off, sitting in a room talking or just staring at each other (seriously, that is basically all we did.. it’s kind of disgusting haha) needed to come to an end. We were brought together to help Mother Earth with her spiritual awakening and the evolution of the collective consciousness. BUT! we had done nothing about it.

In hindsight that time was necessary and incredibly valuable to us. We needed that time to revel in how amazing it was that we were brought together and also to recognize how beautiful Mother Earth is. We knew it was time to get it together. We were tired of feeling stagnant, unproductive, and simply disconnected from Spirit (also known as God, gods, angels, spirit guides, the unknown divine that connects us all – call it what you want, it’s all the same concept).

And with that recognition, we started doing research. A lot of it! We watched Youtube videos, started meditating again, we looked more closely at the power of crystals, and eventually we realized that we can help progress the Divine Awakening that is happening… Listen, we do not claim to be masters, YET, as we are currently working on our own spiritual development. However, we do feel like starting a blog to document our individual awakenings would be a good way to start connecting to our spiritual brothers and sisters (yes that is you). We hope that sharing OUR experiences will help YOUR spiritual evolution and help you navigate through your journey, reminding you, that you are never alone (we are with you always and Spirit is always guiding you). We encourage you to share your triumphs, frustrations, and aspirations with us in the comment section or feel free to email or message us directly! 🙂

Above all else, we want to lead by example. We want to show everyone that even in the midst of the current chaotic nature of the world, it is possible to find inner peace, live according to YOUR passion and purpose, and that unconditional love is the most powerful tool in our arsenal – we must use it with no restraint or discrimination.

As a final note, I encourage you to know that we understand that you may not always agree or like what we write about. We know that different people have different opinions, perspectives, and experiences. We acknowledge and respect that. This blog is a guide. It is not scripture. It is not fact. It is our own light. Our own mind being documented. The expectation is that you will read our blog on a day when it is necessary. That Spirit will guide you to us in some way if it is necessary for your growth, follow that urge. And know that you always have someone on your side!

We love you, and we hope you continue sharing this journey with us!

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I'm 22, engaged to my twin flame (Tyler), obsessed with our fur baby (Penny), and I am doing all that I can to manifest a peaceful, prosperous, and loving life. I enjoy hiking until I find a nice spot to meditate, writing, gettin' crafty with DIY projects, and researching about alternative health. I am a child of the universe and one day I know Tyler and I will travel the world, meet all our spiritual brothers and sisters, and spread unconditional love to people from all walks of life. I hope our blog brings you a little bit closer to finding your passion and connecting to the amazing power that lies in all of us.

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