Meet Yourself Where You Are At

First, I want to introduce Appa (ah-pa)  =D … the newest addition to our little family. He’s a 4-month-old, Aussie – Keeshond mix. He is flippin adorable and fluffy and energetic and dramatic and a little monster. Needless to say… He fits right in. Also, he will be running our lives […]

Meditation Tips

Well… hello =) Sorry it’s been a minute since our last post… I won’t make any excuses. Just know that we are officially back at it 😉 so, without any further delay This is MEDITATION TIPS – a post that could potentially save your life… I started becoming aware of my […]

The Art of the Struggle

First, let me start out by apologizing to our readers. We have not been posting as consistently as we would like to. Honestly, we have both been busy fixing resumes, writing cover letters, applying for jobs and going to interviews, working with financial aid so we can go to school […]

The Invitation

In our previous post, Tasha reminded us about the importance of unconditional SELF love. This morning, if you don’t mind, I would like to further that conversation. I would like to take this time to extend an invitation to you. This is an invitation that requires you to be honest, […]


Happy Friyay friends! First we want to send gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to find their way to our site. Your support is greatly appreciated. This first post is going to be a quick introduction; A snippet of what Meditate On It will be about. In March, […]